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INSURGENT is the highly anticipated sequel to DIVERGENT and your wait is almost over. In just a few short weeks you’ll be able to devour over five hundred pages of pure enjoyment.  Roth fairs little expense with her dystopian world. From some seriously hot romance with Tris and Four, to massive amounts of action, intrigue and mystery. INSURGENT is simply a cat and mouse game of love, truth and deceit. Each chapter will have you changing alliances and asking who you can trust. But through it all, you’ll love and hate Tris and completely understand her actions.

Tris is who girls should strive to be, someone who stands up for what she believes in,

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regardless of the consequences, even when those actions might cost you your core group of friends. Tris never gives up. This girl is a fighter through and through and gives a whole new meaning to what Dauntless and Divergent mean.

After reading INSURGENT, Four aka Tobias, has forever cemented himself as one of my favorite male characters. His love and determination to keep Tris safe isn’t because he’s the “man”, but because he’s so in love with her that he doesn’t want her to die, at least not without him. His words, actions and ability to make you think he knows best, are what will keep you turning each page and begging for more Four.

You will meet and get to know more characters, experience more from the other Factions and find out exactly how these Factions came about.  Spending ample time with Amity and Candor will teach you how different and unique each faction is, plus find out just how evil some of the leaders are.

You are guaranteed to be shocked, gasp and swoon in one swoop. All emotions that make INSURGENT the best book of 2012. The last chapter sets up the next book, yet to be named, perfectly. Waiting for the third will be torturous. Roth is simply brilliant with her storytelling.

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